Founded by the Lever Brothers in 1957, Dove brand products have made their imprint on houses worldwide. Dove made their niche by introducing a soap bar that moisturizes the skin, unlike most soaps of the time that tended to dry out the skin. Between its unique design and its consisting of ¼ moisturizer, it’s become a leading brand in the industry. Dove Bar for Sensitive Skin

 With such a reputation, is it necessary to give a review about their Dove Beauty Bar for Sensitive Skin? The answer, in this case, is Yes!

 To put it straight forward, Dove Beauty Bar for Sensitive Skin is just an unscented version of a standard Dove Moisturizing Bar. So what’s the problem? Unfortunately, a big one!

 Before buying products online I spend extensive time reading Customer Reviews. Besides being time consuming, this can be difficult because one needs to distinguish between honest reviews, fake reviews, and biased reviews.

 In this case, a minority of people complained about the product smelling like vomit. At the time of purchase, my senses told me that it was just an exaggeration from overly sensitive people. Unfortunately, I was wrong! The bars I received all had a slightly repugnant smell of vomit. Perhaps, I, like a minority of others, were the unfortunate ones to receive packages of soap that went off. I don’t know. My guess, though, is that Dove bars in its natural form (I.E. not scented) has a slight smell of barf.

 At first, I thought that I could cope with it by masking the smell with deodorant, perfume, or cologne. After all, the smell is not that strong and a good scented deodorant or perfume should mask it. The one point I erred in is that we all want to relax in the shower. That is kind of hard to do when you feel like you’re smearing vomit all over your body. Unfortunately, although I highly recommend their standard bars if you do not experience allergic reactions to the perfumes added, I definitively can not recommend their non-scented Dove Beauty Bar for Sensitive Skin.



  • moisturizes
  • unique shape makes it easy to handle
  • less likely to have allergic reaction
  • lathers well
  • Smells like vomit

Conclusion: The smell makes Dove Bar for Sensitive Skin not worth the buy.

I rate this 2.5 Stars out of 5.