Having researched eczema products for quite some time now I have noticed a certain ingredient repeated listed. That being Shea Butter. I’ve seen many sites claiming that Shea Butter is good for the eczema, so about a week ago I went out and bought a 150ml container of it.

Shea Butter’s texture was much different than I expected. I thought it would feel creamy like most facial creams. It’s not. Shea Butter has a semi-solid texture that softens as you work with it. It smears onto your skin smoothly and leaves a slightly shiny film similiar to Vaseline, but less intense. Unlike Vaseline, however, it doesn’t have a greasy feel to it. It leaves you skin feeling soft and smooth. I’m not sure yet, but it doesn’t seem to be as concerning with regards to staining clothes. Unlike Vaseline, if any of it rubs off onto your clothing I’m sure it’s a very small amount and nothing to worry about.

As far as its affectiveness, it’s hard for me to say as of yet. I haven’t noticed a real change so far, but then again it’s only been a week. A couple of days ago my hands became very dry due to the cold weather and although I rubbed Shea Butter onto my hands, none-the-less, I see that I broke out with an eczema rash on my hands. I am not sure if my eczema rash resulted from the Shea Butter or from the dryness. I have had that type of reaction from Vaseline as well, so I am not sure if it is the same here or not. In short, we’ll have to wait and see.

I’ll give it a week or two more and let you know my opinion of pure Shea Butter.

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