So it’s been about a week since I started using Shea Butter. I had mentioned in my earlier blog that I was worried that it had caused an eczema rash on my hands. None-the-less, I continued to use it with the attitude of “wait and see”. Fortunately, the rash went away after a couple of days, so it appears that the rash was mainly due to my skin’s reaction to the recent cold weather.

So now, what is my opinion of Shea Butter?

Well, that’s not easy for me to say at this point. It’s still too early. For now, this is what I have noticed.

My skin’s reactions seem to differ between locations on my body. Right now I am suffering eczema and/or atopic dermatitis on my forehead, hands and legs. The skin on my forehead and legs feel softer since I’ve started to place on Shea Butter. However, my hands seem to react differently. Perhaps because the skin is thinner there. Although I am not suffering an eczema attack on my hands anymore, none-the-less I have not been successful to preserve all the moisture in my hands. Granted, they are not cracking, but I can tell that they are still slightly dry. What’s more is there’s somewhat a plastic feeling to the upper side of my hands when I rub my fingers on them. Sort of like the feeling of when we were kids and made “skin” on the back of our hands with glue. Remember doing that?! 🙂

That funny feeling the glue felt like is what my hands feel like right now.

Of course, it could be that this is just a result of the body’s natural way of healing from an eczema flareup, but it’s hard to know. Also, as far as my hands being dry, that could also be just the results of an unnaturally cold and dry winter and being that my hands are the most exposed to the elements they are getting the brunt of it.

We’ll just have to wait and see. I’ll give it another two weeks and then I’ll write up my review on it.